What is video marketing and how does it improve your profitability?

Video marketing is a way for a company to promote its products / services and brands. By using this discipline, you get more sales and you are more known within your sector and your area of influence.
Video marketing and improving your profitability are two terms that go hand in hand. The boom of video in recent years is significant. You just have to see the success of the Youtube platform.
Today taking into account the decline in consumption of the television format, video has become a source of interest for any brand. And it is also the big companies that are interested in making videos to share on social networks.
In addition to the decrease in television consumption, the increase in the use of mobile phones is significant. Most of the contents are displayed on the mobile and, to win that click that gives profitability to companies must be present in these mobile devices. Some data suggest that videos occupy 50% of mobile traffic.
With the data mentioned above, there is no doubt that the use of video marketing improves the profitability of your business significantly even if you are a dentist and want attract people that need dental implants Tijuana Mexico. But, in case you’re still not convinced, these are some of the main advantages of using video in a marketing strategy:
You get more credibility
What is more believable than seeing something with your own eyes? Well this is precisely what this format has achieved. Thanks to video marketing, the user is able to see how a recipe is made step by step or learn a thousand things about what he wants.
But, in addition, in a business any one can show the advantages of making use of a specific product or service. You can see how something works before buying it. This, logically, generates a huge trust in the user.
Causes a greater recall of the brand
The visual content is preferred by users. But, in addition, it is the one that generates the greatest memory. When a user reads content, he or she is not left with the information. However, if you have seen a video, you are more likely to remember almost everything.
Video marketing trends
1.- Short videos
One of the main trends of the video format, as of any other type of content, is brevity. The lack of time and the pace of life that it takes make users do not have time to be in front of the screen. That is why video pills of less than one minute duration begin to proliferate.
2.- Interactive videos
Another of the great trends is, without doubt, the ability to interact with the user. You will notice that, at the end of many videos, the user is mentioned to perform an action. They range from sharing the content on social networks to giving likes, subscribing, commenting, etc.
3.- Live videos
Recording a live video has become common among users. You just have to see Facebook and Instagram and the huge number of videos that are published every day.
As you can see there are many advantages in the application of video marketing strategies in your company. The most beneficial thing is that you reach millions of people at a minimal cost.