Alternative Treatments To Cosmetic Surgery

Currently, there are many techniques to lose weight, some more aggressive than others for our body but all of them lead us to achieve similar results, so we must opt for methods that make us lose weight in a healthy way even if they cost us a little more. One of the techniques that we can consider aggressive is liposuction. This is an invasive technique that consists of introducing cannulas through incisions that are made in the skin tissue, and subsequently, through it, a liquid is introduced that helps to loosen the fat adhered to the tissues, finally, through a suction the fat converted into liquid. They are generally performed on the abdomen, hips and flanks but can also be performed on the ankles and other areas where a large accumulation of fat is perceived. Being an invasive method, through which we subject our bodies to external aggression, it can have multiple complications both metabolic (due to the imbalance of fluids that occurs in the body) and physical, Nor should we forget about the alteration of the body image since being a significant decrease in fat leads to great body flaccidity.

A balanced diet guided by the centre’s nutritionist.

A personalized physical exercise program developed and supervised by a fitness instructor.

Personalized treatments within our therapeutic area that include a sauna program draining massages that help us eliminate excess fluids and toxins, firming massages to reshape the silhouette and combat are sagging with other non-invasive techniques.

All from the hand of a professional team that will help you gradually recover your silhouette in a simple and healthy way and with the good taste in your mouth that remains when the results are achieved on their own merits.

In addition to weight loss, surgery is also used to eliminate wrinkles that appear with age. The stress caused by day-to-day life, lifestyle and the passage of time are exogenous factors that negatively influence the elasticity of the skin, many times accelerating their formation.