Is There An Alternative To Rhinoplasty To Change The Aesthetics Of The Nose?

You are right, the nose is over-projected, which is the term that indicates that it protrudes perhaps too much from the plane of the face. If it were a little smaller, it would be more harmonized with the rest of the face.

Suppose you do not fill in other areas of the nose to hide or equalize the prominent or asymmetric parts. In his case, it would be a small rhinoplasty reducing the tip and filing the back a little. In the photo that we see in profile, it would be our advice, but it would be important to have a frontal one to be able to assess the cartilaginous part of the nose or if osteotomies also have to be done depending on what you want to achieve and what we advise you according to the different facial angles.

Rhinomodelling is a very useful technique, but it is not indicated in all cases. In your case, you would not get any improvement. It is a large nose job in terms of its length and projection, and it must be reduced in these two dimensions.

It can be improved with certain fillers, but they may not be permanent. Evaluating cost – the best result is a rhinoplasty.

If you consult an expert in rhinomodelling, an incredible correction without an operation can be achieved in one session and without income, but you have to assess it face to face.

The rhinoplasty has limits, and with it can only be corrected:

1- Irregular back of the nose (“nasal hump”)

2- Raise the tip (but not as much as in rhinoplasty)

3- Widen the nose

4- Project the tip

5- Widen the fins

We do it with some frequency, and the first time we always recommend putting non-permanent fillings since if the result is not satisfactory, it returns to the initial situation in about 12-14 months. It is a very safe technique, and quite inexpensive compared to a rhinoplasty.